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Prima Klima

Cool Tube L2020 150mm

Cool Tube L2020 150mm

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Cool Tube air-cooled reflector from Prima Klima. Available with 125mm or 150mm flange. Place the Cool Tube over the area in use and let the powerful air-cooled light spread throughout the room. You can remove the reflector, put the body in a vertical position and get a super efficient 360 degree light spread. What is special about the Cool Tube is the material used on the outside and inside of the reflector. As in other Prima Klima products, quality is first in this one. The reflector is made of Vega/Miro9 material and reflects the produced light with an incredible 97%. Made in Europe respecting all security standards.

Code: L2020
Size: 150 x 580 mm
Max. lamp: 1,000 Watts

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