Delivery Information

IN Bulgaria and Romania we work with Econt. For deliveries to other EU countries, we work with Speedy or M&BM Express.

International delivery – depending on the distance and delivery area, we will do our best to find the best price and then contact you.

Terms of use

1. The products offered on the site are classified according to their type, with basic information, supplemented with photo material for each individual product, and possible sizes, colors, and its price indicated.
2. The indicated price of the individual product is for 1 item with VAT included and does not include the cost of delivery.
3. Ordering a certain product is done by pressing the "Add to cart" button in the offer of the desired product. The action represents a declaration of intent, which binds the client and the supplier company with the force of the contract, according to the conditions described in this document and the rules of the Consumer Protection Act (CPLA).
4. The customer specifies the main parameters of the desired product, according to the presented options and the type of product (model, size, power).
5. When placing an order, the customer registers using the provided form and must specify an exact address and phone number where it is possible to contact the customer for the delivery time and method.
6. Specifying an incorrect/wrong address and/or phone number makes the order invalid and does not bind Growshop Gardener with the obligation to fulfill the delivery.
7. After receiving the order, we check the specified phone number or e-mail address for its validity by confirming the order and the address to which the goods will be delivered.

8. The ordered goods are delivered to the address specified by the customer. The customer assumes the obligation to provide access and the opportunity to receive the goods.
9. The product ordered by the customer is delivered between 2 and 5 working days when ordering an available one, to the address specified by him, provided that the address is specified accurately and is valid, and that the order is confirmed by the customer.
10. The delivery of the ordered product is paid by the customer, the amount is in the amount specified by the courier company depending on the location of the specified address.
11. The ordered goods are delivered appropriately packaged according to their type and the transport used for delivery.
12. If the customer is not found within the deadline for the delivery to the specified address or if access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within this deadline, the order is considered canceled and Growshop Gardener is released from its obligation to fulfill the requested delivery.
13. In the event that the customer confirms his desire to receive the ordered goods and after the expiration of the delivery period, in which he was not found at the address, he assumes the costs of delivery at his own expense. The costs are paid upon receipt of the goods, at the same time as the price of the goods.
14. The payment of the due price of the goods is made in the way chosen at the time of the order, by the customer who ordered the goods or by a third party on his behalf, provided that he confirms the receipt and identity of the ordered goods.
15. If a third party undertakes to accept and confirm receipt of the ordered goods on behalf of the original customer who placed the order, the latter has no right to return the goods or make objections regarding the delivery.

16. A customer who has ordered goods online from the website has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered by him, when they have been delivered to him, only in the cases specified in these conditions:
· if the delivered goods clearly do not correspond to the ones ordered by the customer, according to the parameters set by him, and this can be established by a simple inspection of the goods. Inconsistencies, other than those specified in the online request, are not grounds for returning the goods.
· if the product or its packaging is damaged during transportation;
· if the price to be paid by the customer does not correspond to the price offered at, at the time of making the online request.
· reserves the right to change the prices of the products offered on the site at any time, and these changes will not be reflected in already accepted or completed orders.
· if the deadline announced for delivery has not been met;
17. Complaints on the above-mentioned points are made only at the time of delivery.
18. Apart from the listed cases, the customer has no right to refuse to receive and pay for the goods ordered by him. Otherwise, he owes payment for the costs incurred for delivery and return of the goods.
19. For cases of refusal to receive the goods, a protocol is drawn up at the time of delivery. If the customer refuses to sign the protocol, it is assumed that his refusal to receive the goods is unfounded and he must pay the costs of delivery and return of the goods.
20. After receiving and paying for the product, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the received goods, according to Art. 55, paragraph 1 of the PPE, you can return it within 7 days from the date of receipt, provided that it is returned in the form in which it was received and without being used. Exceptions to this rule are regulated in Art. 55, para. 2 of the PPE.

21. *Due to the large weight and volume of the soil mixtures (and expanded clay) offered in our store, from 01.03.2020 their free delivery is canceled for orders over BGN 50. As responsible suppliers to our customers, we are committed to finding the best price, after which we will call you for confirmation.

· Users must comply with all conditions and rules for handling and using the products sold by growshop Gradinar, indicated on the labels and packaging of the products.