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Digital humidity controller

Digital humidity controller

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This humidity controller is suitable for rooms with constant humidity. With it, you can maintain the degree of humidity at the desired level. The controller has a humidifier/dehumidifier output, a humidity sensor and two potentiometers with which you can set the desired humidity and hysteresis values. The device is ready for use. The body of the device is waterproof, the socket has a protective cover and the low-voltage digital sensor has a cable 4 meters long.

Dimensions and Technical characteristics:

Body: 130x80x70 mm

Controller: 160x100x90 mm

Power supply: 230V/50Hz 8A.

Digital sensor 5V, measuring temperatures from -55° C to +125° C ( 67 F to + 257 F ) with an accuracy of 0.5° C from -10° C + 85 ° C

Accuracy: +/- 4.5% relative humidity.

Protection class: IP54

Settings range:
Humidity: 30% to 100%
Hysteresis: dryer -10% to -1% and humidifier +1% to +10%

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