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Horti King 600W Kit with Digital Ballast

Horti King 600W Kit with Digital Ballast

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The set includes:

Horti King Connect reflector

Designed to complement the popular Horti King Ballast, the Horti King reflector is the perfect answer to the lack of space in your growing area. The ballast is easily screwed to the reflector using 4 screws. The light has a good even distribution over 1.2 m² of growing area and can be easily hung via built-in hooks on top. Combined with the ballast, the unit is flexible enough to be installed in most situations

Digital adjustable ballast Horti King 250-660W

Adjustable electronic ballast 250, 400, 600 and 660W

Horti Sun Power Pro 600W bulb

Suitable for your plants both in the growth period and in the flowering period.
Dual spectrum lights have more blue in them
spectrum than traditional red spectrum HPS bulbs
and this helps to form more compact ones
plants with shorter internodal distances.
• 83000 lumens
• 2100 Kelvin

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