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Adjust A Wings

Reflector Adjust A Wings Avenger L

Reflector Adjust A Wings Avenger L

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Adjust a Wings are easy to use, built on the core principles of logic and simplicity. They can be adjusted for a wide light formation, allowing a great combination of light intensity and coverage area. They can be adjusted for a narrow setting to create a narrow intense "beam" of light.

Adjust A Wings Avenger L covers an area of ​​4 sq.m. and is suitable for MH - metal halide and HPS - sodium ion lamps of 600 watts and 1000 watts. The material from which it is made (Avenger) allows light reflection with 97% efficiency. The kit also includes a Super Spreader accessory that spreads the light evenly to all ends of the reflector's coverage area. It also allows the plants to come closer to the lamp without the danger of burning them.

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