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ATA Organics Alga-C 1 L

ATA Organics Alga-C 1 L

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In an era where every plant grower is looking carefully at the environmental aspect, this series of products has been developed for the nature-conscious plant grower who keeps a close eye on the taste and smell of their end product. Alga-C is a supplement made from organic materials such as marine plants. Therefore, it contains many amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and plant hormones. In this way stress for the plant is avoided and all the needs of the plant are met. This improves the condition of your crop, so the likelihood of disease and shortages is dramatically reduced. It can be sprayed as a spray or added to the nutrient solution as a supplement.

Application: Supplement to regular plant food or as foliar feeding. Applicable throughout the growing cycle. Not applicable in irrigation systems!

Dose: 2ml - 5ml in 1 liter of nutrient solution.
1ml - 3ml in 1 liter for a real nourishment spray. It is sprayed above and below the leaves of the plant.

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