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ATA Organics Bloom-C 1 L

ATA Organics Bloom-C 1 L

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In an era where every plant grower is looking carefully at the environmental aspect, this series of products has been developed for the nature-conscious plant grower who keeps a close eye on the taste and smell of their end product. This liquid organic fertilizer is developed for the fruiting period. It has a strong impact on the harvest and contains many key ingredients such as algae and marine plant extracts. This makes it a very good nourishment for the formation of branches and flowers. Bloom-C contains not only algae and marine plant extracts, but also an abundance of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and natural plant hormones.

Application: Add through flower/fruiting. The use of lime is possible only if it is dissolved in water. For optimal results, use Bloom-C in combination with Growth-C, Flavor, Kilomix and Wormenmest. Not applicable in irrigation systems!

Dose: 1ml - 3ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution

PK 14-13 W/W

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