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ATA Organics Growth-C 1 L

ATA Organics Growth-C 1 L

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In an era where every plant grower is looking carefully at the environmental aspect, this series of products has been developed for the nature-conscious plant grower who keeps a close eye on the taste and smell of their end product. Organic farming is gaining momentum. Atami have developed this plant food specifically for plant growers who grow fruit organically. It has an extremely positive influence on the development of the plant, stem and branches.

Application: Use Growth-C throughout the growing season. For optimal results combine with Bloom-C, Flavor, Kilomix and Wormenmest. Not applicable in irrigation systems.

Dosage: 3ml - 5ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution

NPK 2-2-5 W/W

Available in sizes of: 1 Liter

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