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ATA Organics Root-C 1 L

ATA Organics Root-C 1 L

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In an era where everyone is looking at the ecological aspect, this series of products has been developed for conscientious growers who keep a close eye on the taste and smell of their final product.
A well-developed and healthy root system makes a significant contribution to a well-developed plant. To make this possible, this organic root stimulator will ensure rapid and vigorous growth of the root system, and has a preventive effect on soil diseases such as Phytum, Fusarium and aphids. The roots will branch out quickly and the volume of the root system will increase significantly. The plant will develop more and above the soil. A well-developed plant with a well-branched root system will cause more branching in the fruiting phase, resulting in a better crop.

Application: As an additive in the basic nutrient solution. Applicable in all types of soil. Not applicable in irrigation systems.
Dose: 1-5 ml per liter of nutrient solution.
Available in sizes of: 250 ml; 1 Liter

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