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ATAMI AWA Leaves A+B 1L+1L

ATAMI AWA Leaves A+B 1L+1L

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This feed is specially formulated by Atami for Wilma hydroponic systems, NFTs, mixers (DWC) and recirculating hydro systems. Awa Leaves A&B regulates its pH, meaning it hardly needs adjusting, which in turn results in a faster and more balanced growth spurt in the plant. By reusing the nutrient water, the plant uses the same nutrient multiple times. Thanks to the complex regulated formula of Ata Awa Leaves A&B, the plant is guaranteed an optimal nutrient solution during the entire growth phase. Application Mix equal parts of Ata Awa Leaves A&B with water for use during the growing phase. Recommended water temperature: 21-25 C. Works fantastic in combination with Ata Rootfast root stimulator, Hydro Rokz and mineral wool. Quality Guaranteed Atami Stimulants and Liquid Nutrients are packaged and sealed in a light-tight screw-cap container, so quality remains guaranteed. They are available in the following sizes: – 1 liter – 5 liters – 10 liters Dosage: 1-4 ml per liter of nutrient solution. NPK value: Awa Leaves A: 6-0-3 (w/v) Awa Leaves B: 1-3-4 (w/v) EC between 1.2 – 2.3

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