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Bloombastic is a high-quality cocktail of biominerals and biostimulators, which is suitable for the last phase of flowering and ripening. Bloombastic increases the sugar content of the fruit, therefore the weight and aroma. Through the rapid production of sugar and flowers, Bloombastic provides large fruits with a sweet aroma. Compared to other liquid bloom products, Bloombastic contains over 50% more biominerals (phosphorus and potassium) for which absolutely no ballast substances (sodium and chlorine) are used. Bloombastic also has an enzymatic effect in several areas, therefore having a stress-preventing and restorative effect on the plant.

It can be used daily throughout the flowering stage as a supplement to the standard fertilizer when watering the crop. Bloombastic can be used for cultivation in soil, hydroponics and coco, and is suitable for all irrigation and/or irrigation systems.

Guaranteed quality
Atami stimulators and liquid fertilizers are packaged and sealed in a light-tight screw cap package, so the quality remains guaranteed.

Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 325 ml, 1250 ml, 5.5 liter and 10 liter sizes.

0.5-1 ml per liter of nutrient solution.

NPK value:
0-20-21 (W/V)

Electrical conductivity value: between 1.0 – 2.5

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