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Cannazym is an enzyme product of extremely high quality. It accelerates the process of breaking down dead roots and activates beneficial micro-organisms. Cannazym enhances the plant's nutrient uptake process and increases its resistance to disease. Enzymes are substances that speed up reactions in living organisms. In humans, enzymes play a vital role in the digestive system.
Canna enzymes have many benefits. They convert dead roots into minerals and sugars. This is important because these minerals and sugars are a valuable source of nutrients for plants. Contains over 12 different enzymes to which vitamins and desert plant extracts have been added. These elements improve nutrient absorption and plant resistance. Vitamins stimulate the production of hormones, which in turn form new roots. This product helps prevent bacteria and harmful molds. Dead roots are the perfect environment for mold and pose a threat to new roots. It is also used against rotting so that there is no formation of toxic substances and the risks of disease are drastically reduced. Cannazym improves the soil environment. The rapid breakdown of dead roots creates a balanced hydrological regime and good aeration in the root soil environment. This product is absolutely necessary if growing substrates are to be reused. Root debris will be quickly broken down and converted into useful nutrients. Infections can be prevented and the air-water ratio in the root environment will be improved. It can be used throughout the growing cycle.

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