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Great White

Great White, Mycorrhiza

Great White, Mycorrhiza

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In hydroponic systems 1.5-2 g/10 l of water

For watering in soil 5 g / 7 l. water

Great White is the most advanced premium mycorrhizal formula on the market. This highly concentrated and diverse blend of beneficial microbes will help stimulate your plants' root systems, resulting in greater water retention and nutrient uptake.

Mycorrhizae form a type of symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots. Fungi colonize the roots and form a network of threads called a mycelium. In exchange for sugars produced by the plant, mycorrhizae help increase root surface area, improve water and nutrient uptake, and protect roots from pathogens.

For gardeners, this symbiotic relationship can be beneficial in several ways. First, it can help improve plant health by providing them with additional nutrients and water. Second, it can help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, it can help improve soil structure and increase the population of beneficial microorganisms. Therefore, mycorrhizae play an important role in sustainable gardening practices.

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