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HESI PowerZyme 1L

HESI PowerZyme 1L

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Contains natural enzymes that break down old roots to dextrose without rotting. Dextrose is a rapidly digestible food for the plant. This helps the constant formation of new roots, increases the availability of oxygen in the substrate, improves its microflora and increases plant resistance.


N-0.01% Cu-0.0005%

P2O5-0.01% Zn-0.0005%

K2O-0.03% Mn-0.0005%

MgO-0.01% B-0.0005%

S-0.01% Mb-0.0005%

Fe-0.0005% Co-0.000005%


-1:500 = 2ml per liter of water

-Use 1-2 times a week
- Improves biological balance.
-Suitable for all plant environments

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