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HOMEbox Growlab 120L

HOMEbox Growlab 120L

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HOMEbox Growlab 120L is a universal home greenhouse

The GrowLab series tents have a silver interior finish, air intake, vents and windows for observation or other applications. HOMEbox GrowLab 120L has dimensions of 240 x 120 x 200 (length, width and height in cm). The effective area is 2.8 m2. It is recommended to use 600 watt HPS (Sodium Ion) lighting. The maximum load capacity of this tent is 50 kilograms. The number of passive air inlets in the base is 4. There is one door at the front, one at the back and one roof inlet with a diameter of 254 mm. Two inlet/outlet openings on the left side with a diameter of 203 mm and 254 mm. and two on the right side with the same dimensions. Wiring 4 x 100 mm.

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