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HOMEbox Vista Medium

HOMEbox Vista Medium

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HOMEbox Vista Medium is a universal home greenhouse

This series from Homebox comes in an elegant, modern shade of beige, which allows it to be incorporated into the interior of the room. There are large inspection windows, but they do not affect the climate inside the box. Vista Medium is a next generation mini greenhouse for transplanting and cloning.
Unlike the already familiar Clonebox, this model has a reinforced structure.

Dimensions (assembled): 125 x 65 x 120 cm
Growing space: 2.4 m2
Tube A: + 100 mm, 2 times
Tube B: + 200 mm (8")
Tube C:
Tube D:
OmniFlow-Airvent: Ø 150 mm, 2 times
Maximum load: 100 kg

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