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Growth Technology

Ionic Coco Grow

Ionic Coco Grow

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IONIC is a unique single component plant food designed to provide the plant with the complex profile of mineral elements it needs.
Growth Technology research has taken all the key elements and combined them into a one-ingredient concentrated plant food. Most importantly, IONIC Coco plant food is stable in solution and delivers the nutrients the plant needs in the right ratio. The product is pH-stable, giving the grower easy control over the nutrient solution.
IONIC contains 14 key elements on a macro and micro level, supporting lush growth and superior flowering.

Leads to stunning results
Easy to use
IONIC has often been copied but never bettered by competing brands.

Many growers prefer to use natural growing media for their plants. Feeding in these media is more complicated than inert media such as perlite. After research and experimentation, it is understood that the best results in these biological environments are achieved with a combination of mineral and organic nutrients. After all, in nature, plants are fed this way. IONIC coconut nutrients are highly enriched with a complex of organic plant acids to increase nutrient uptake and enhance growth and yield.

IONIC for Coconut: a combination of the best mineral and organic nutrients, as close as possible to the natural natural mechanism.

IONIC for Coconut

Designed to optimally supply plants with the nutrients they need in coconut. Contains pure humic and fulvic acid to support lush growth. Split formula for growth (GROW) and bloom (BLOOM).

IONIC plant food for coconut:

Formulated with pure, soluble mineral salts, enriched with a complex of organic vegetable acids.
Available in separate formulations for the growing phase and flowering phase.
Specific formula for natural plant environment.
One-component fertilizer and stable pH
Gentle plant food, as close as possible to the natural natural mechanism.

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