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Growth Technology

Orchid Focus Grow

Orchid Focus Grow

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Orchid Focus Grow is a liquid orchid fertilizer Orchids have specific nutritional requirements. They have been shown to survive even on very low nutrient levels, but to achieve their full beauty, they must be fed properly. It is important to know that nitrogen supplied to the mass market usually contains significant levels of ammonia and urea. Urea can become toxic in a very short time in an orchid's growing environment and is best avoided for this very reason. Orchid Focus does not contain urea. - Orchid Focus is created from the purest and most soluble mineral salts. Fortified and enriched with a complex profile of organic plant acids. - Precisely formulated for the needs of orchids. - It is non-toxic and does not cause any damage to nature. - Orchid Focus Grow will help produce healthier, bushier plants with denser and longer lasting flowers. - Growth Technology offer plant food for orchids during the growth period and the flowering period to supply orchids with all the necessary nutrients for their best development. Orchid Focus Grow for growth and Orchid Focus Bloom for flowering.

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