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pH Test Kit 20ml

pH Test Kit 20ml

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Quick and easy pH measurement kit

Maintaining the correct level of acidity (pH) is important for all forms of plant cultivation. The nutrient solution for soil and hydroponic systems should range between 5.5 and 6.3 and is recommended to be checked daily and adjusted with pH UP or pH DOWN. With this set you can make up to 400 measurements.

Instructions for use:

- Half fill the tube with liquid from the nutrient solution

- Add one drop of the indicator and shake gently

- Compare the color of the resulting solution and compare with the table from the kit. It is best to measure in daylight or white light from an electric bulb.

- Add a small amount of pH UP or pH DOWN to the nutrient solution container. A pipette or syringe is the safest way to transfer aggressive liquids.

- Mix well and measure again. Repeat step 1 - 4 until the acidity level is stable.

- Keep a record of the required amount of acidity regulators. This will speed up your process in the future.

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