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PK Boost

PK Boost

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IONIC® PK BOOST is a specially developed nutritional supplement for the middle and late stages of flowering. PK BOOST allows easy control of additional phosphorus and potassium. They can lead to a richer harvest. PK BOOST is the ideal supplement to IONIC® BLOOM, but can be used just as effectively with any quality nutritional supplement for the bloom period. IONIC® PK BOOST has a special formula that supplies key elements such as phosphorus and potassium in pure form. These elements become available to the plant immediately. In the flowering cycle, the plant uses the largest amount of these crucial ingredients. Elevated levels can result in larger flower/fruit and a much more abundant harvest. IONIC® PK BOOST is designed to boost levels of minerals that are typically missing from the nutrient solution container as well. After analyzing thousands of food samples, Growth Technology has a very clear idea of ​​what plants need, especially during the flowering cycle. IONIC® PK BOOST will supplement the missing elements and bring about a perfect balance in the nutrient solution for optimal plant development. IONIC ® PK BOOST A complete formula - based on research and analysis Contains the complete profile of key elements needed for lush flowering Phosphorus - potassium ratio: 14:15 High concentration - only 1 ml. per 1 liter of water Easy to use - weekly dose for a real boosted flowering period

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