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Plagron All Mix 50L

Plagron All Mix 50L

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Plagron All Mix is ​​a 100% organic, highly fertilized soil for gardeners,
who want to grow their plant organically and more easily. All Mix
is created from the best and carefully selected types of peat.
The soil is highly suitable for plants in small pots and those
which grow in higher temperatures. All Mix is ​​characterized by the fact that
retains water longer. The soil is light, and the flow of oxygen to
the roots is optimized thanks to the added fiber and perlite.
This soil is pre-fertilized for a period of 6 weeks in
depending on the condition and growth reached by the plant.
Its nutrients are permanently preserved in it. When you
uses a correct strategy, you could use it for the whole
cycle watering with water only. This soil is full of biodiversity
and there is no need to add other microorganisms. Contains trichoderma
against harmful molds, mycorrhiza for a better food supply
substances and increases the absorption capacity of the roots for the better
root development. Improves plant resistance and growth.

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