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Plagron Seedbox

Plagron Seedbox

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A complete set for safe and hassle-free seed germination.

Seedbox is the perfect starter kit for any gardener. Each set contains a deep tray with a transparent lid, 12 germination cubes and a bottle of the unique Plagron Seedbooster.
Follow the instructions on the box exactly and your seeds will germinate well and develop into a perfect plant.
The secret to this kit is the Seedbooster. This stimulator contains protective enzymes that penetrate the hard seed coat and predispose them to germination. With this stimulator you can germinate even old seeds, quickly and easily. The result is visible after a few days.

Contents of the kit
Germination tray.
12 Germination Cubes.
250 ml Seedbooster.
Guide in 12 languages.

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