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Plagron Vita Race

Plagron Vita Race

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Vita Race is an organic product used for foliar nutrition throughout the growing cycle. Although plants have different needs during the growth and flowering phases, there are basic hormones that are important throughout the cycle. The effect of Vita Race is multifaceted. It stimulates the production of sugar and chlorophyll, which keeps the plant green longer and provides the necessary protection against stress, diseases, desiccation and temperature differences. The result is the formation of many branches, better and stronger buds and fruit formation.

Method of use/dosage:

1 ml. per 1 liter of water. It should be sprayed on the leaves of the plant every time you water it. Spray the plants until they drip. The solution cannot be stored.


The solution cannot be stored.

Do not apply outdoors during rainfall (the solution will be naturally washed off the leaves).


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