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Prot-eco, COPPERPROT 100 ml.

Prot-eco, COPPERPROT 100 ml.

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Features of Copperprot:

COPPERPROT is a copper (Cu) deficiency corrector that has harmful effects on various fungi and bacteria. Stimulates root growth with Ir. For outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growers, this product will be of great interest.


In addition to its nutritional contribution, since COPPERPROT is partially chelated, it has a curative / preventive effect on various fungal diseases such as: Alternaria, Monilia, Repillo, Rust, Botrytis,... and a large number of bacteria, partly due to its drying effect.

Applications of Copperprot:

In the absence of such a component (Cu) and at the appearance of the first symptoms of diseases such as: Alternaria, Monilia (mummified), Repillo, Rust, Botrytis... COPPERPROT will be used. And a large number of bacteria that are phytopathogenic (bacteriostatic action). COPPERPROT works by touch. The product is residue free. 10-15 days before harvest, avoid its application. It will not affect the flowers or the resin. Biodegradable, applicable in organic and integrated control cultures.


Foliar species: 2-3 ml / l. In case of serious attacks, two treatments of 2.5 ml / l can be carried out with an interval of 3-4 days (depending on the nutritional status, etc.), becoming common to each 10 to 15 days. Wet the entire plant thoroughly, including the back of the leaves. Apply in low light hours and do not apply in high temperatures.

Root: 2 – 2.5 ml / l

in both cases the pH of the combination is 6-7. COOPERPROT is not harmful to any living things, including beneficial rhizosphere microorganisms, bees and beneficial arthropods. Do not apply amino acids together with COPPERPROT to the plant.

Copperprot Combinations:

Mixing this product is not recommended.


Product suitable for organic farming (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).


Keep out of the reach of children and away from food and drink. Avoid skin and eye contact. Seek medical advice immediately in case of accident or pain. Global Institute of Toxicology: 915628469.

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