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Prot-eco, DACTYPROT 30 ml.

Prot-eco, DACTYPROT 30 ml.

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DactyProt is a product of natural origin, which is obtained from amino acids from botanical extracts of the Nettle and Lamia family.

DactyProt is allowed for organic farming, it is a biodegradable product, without waste. By applying DactyProt in culture, we create endogenous resistance in plants against external agents caused by various types of insects and lepidoptera.

It is a broad-spectrum product of natural origin made from botanical extracts of nettle and chia.

Prot-eco caterpillar repellants work by ingestion and contact. It is recommended to thoroughly wet the undersides of the leaves.

DactyProt exerts its action on phytophagous insects by contact by breaking down the chitin of the exoskeleton, when acting by ingestion it acts as a hyperexcitant.

For greater effectiveness of the product or in periods of intense infestation, it is recommended to apply it in a mixture with a wetting agent such as Mobet or EsencialProt. These auxiliary products help to penetrate the active product into hard-to-reach parts of the plant. It will be applied when there is an infestation of pests in the crop, avoiding treatment in the presence of pollinators.


- Product of natural origin.
- Botanical extract from the Nettle and Lamia family.
- Biodegradable product.
- Suitable for organic farming.
- Develops endogenous resistance against external agents.
- Product with a wide spectrum of action of natural origin. Made with pyrethrins from botanical extracts. Acts by contact and ingestion. It acts on phytophagous insects.


Free amino acids: 6.0% m/m Total nitrogen (N): 0.7% m/m.


Apply during low light hours, foliarly, following the recommended dosage.


Foliar application: 3ml/l

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