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Silicon Boost

Silicon Boost

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Silicon (Si) makes the outer layer of the leaves and stem stronger, improving the plant's resistance to disease and adverse influences.

Silicon makes the stem stronger and thicker.

Regulates and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Silicon is a major building block of soil. However, it is often not available, which is unfortunate because silicon has a strengthening effect on the plant, making it less susceptible to abiotic stress such as heat or drought.

B`cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicon product in plant application form. This makes it an excellent addition to a regular diet.

Application: Use daily, from the growth phase by adding it to the nutrient solution until the flowering phase. It can also be used with irrigation systems or as a foliar spray.

Dosage (1:10000): Add 0.1 ml of B`cuzz Silic Boost per liter of nutrient solution.

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