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Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Metal Halide Lamp 600 Watts

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Metal Halide Lamp 600 Watts

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A metal halide lamp that works with 600 watt ballasts/chokes. This lamp is suitable for the vegetative process, and for the flowering period an HPS lamp can be used on the same ballast/choke. Produces blue light for the vegetative process. Works with HPS ballasts/ chokes.

How Sunmaster 600W Cool Deluxe Metal Halide Works:
This is a single spectrum metal halide lamp. Suitable only for the vegetative process, as it only glows in the blue spectrum. The orange-red light emitted by this lamp is not suitable for the flowering period.

lumen output: 50,000
par watts: 195
Life: 10,000 h

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