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Timer Box II 12x600W three-phase

Timer Box II 12x600W three-phase

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Timer box II 12x600W controls several inductive loads. One of them is high pressure lamps. The contactor is based on a control system and is designed for up to 12x600W inductive load. Available in four variants. Single-phase without heating and with heating and three-phase without heating and with heating. The device is controlled by a reliable German 24 hour timer - Grasslin with 36 hours of energy reserve (battery). The heating socket is only activated when the lamps are switched off. Dimensions and technical data: Box: 200x255x95mm Timer box: 230x300x110mm Voltage: 230V / 50Hz 24 hour timer with 36 hours power reserve. Timer setting in 30 minute intervals. Protection class: IP40

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