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TLed Hortimol 40w

TLed Hortimol 40w

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Hortimol TLed 40W FSG 60cm

TLed 40W 60 cm, ideal for an area of ​​60x60cm

Hortimol Tled 40w full spectrum FSG is a lighting system specially designed and developed for the growth of all types of plants.

This Tled Hortimol 40W is an ultra-thin (2.8 cm) and very light (900 grams) horticultural lighting system designed for vertical farming. It has 264 Osram and 8 IR LEDs mounted on an aluminum ramp with a flawless finish. The spectrum FSG 4000K is designed for growing cuttings and seedlings.

Hortimol Full Spectrum 4000K FSG TLED is a lighting solution designed to maximize the growth of your cuttings and seedlings in closed and low spaces. This will provide your crops with an even distribution of light at close range with near-zero radiant heat.

PF: = 0.9
PPF: 92 μmol/sec
Effectiveness: 2.3 μmol / day

Full spectrum of FSG

The entire spectrum of FSG is designed to fill the lack of pigment located outside the range of 660 and 450 nm. Increases the energy of red light at a wavelength of 660 nm in white light. The total color temperature of the FSG spectrum of this Hortimol TLed is 4000 K with a CRI of 88.

TLed Hortimol has a 1.55 meter power cable with a BNC secure connection. This LED light has a degree of protection IP65: protection against ingress of water and dust.

This Hortimol 40W LED strip is sold with its braided wire suspension system. It can be suspended as a classic garden light or mounted directly on a vertical wall or horizontal shelf.

Dimensions without the suspension: height 60x13x 2.8 cm
Dimensions with suspension: 60x13x height 6cm

CE certificate, LM79, ETL.
LM79 is an approved method for making electrical and photometric measurements of LED lighting. This method includes luminous flux of electricity, efficiency, chromaticity and light distribution.
ETL certification meets all requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

Main features of Tled 40W Hortimol:

Fanless design
IP65 waterproof
ETL, LM-79, CE certificate
Flat and slim design, easy to install.
It offers a wide range of light and even distribution of PPFD.
Suspended or suspended installation for various growing environments.

Technical specifications Tled 40W Hortimol:

Size: 60x13cm
Output: 2.3 micromol/J
Recommended distance from plants: 60-30 cm
Recommended illuminated area: from 60x60 cm to 80x60 cm
Voltage: 10-227V
Ampere: 0.54 A
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Average life: 50,000 hours
IRC rendering index: 88 Ra

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