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TLed Hortimol 60W

TLed Hortimol 60W

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Hortimol TLed 60W FSG 120cm

The new distribution standard
The Hortimol Tled Full spectrum FSG frame is a low consumption frame specially developed for pre-growth, cuttings and rooting of all types of plants.

Tled 60 W 120 cm, ideal for an area of ​​120x60 cm

◆ Fanless design
◆ IP65 Waterproof
◆ ETL, LM-79, CE certificate
◆ Flat and slim design, easy to use
installation suitable for planting racks.
◆ Gives a wide and large luminous
area and uniform distribution of PPFD.
◆ Surface mounting or hanging mounting
for different growing environment.

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