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Parbright 600W kit

Parbright 600W kit

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Sunmaster Paragon ballast (throttle) 600W

Parbright HPS 600W

Euro Reflector Vega 40cm x 47cm

1. Ballast:

Ballast with power supply 600W, power 3.0A, for sodium and metal halide lamps up to 6.2A

No heat and quiet operation, manufactured with Venture Lighting components

2. Lamp:

Parbright 600w - high pressure sodium ion lamp manufactured by Venture Lighting. Designed for the flowering phase but can also be used for the growing phase. High-quality lamp at a budget price from Growshop Gardener.

3. Reflector:

Euro reflectors are designed for HID lamps, metal halide (MH) and sodium ion (HPS) of 250, 400, 600 and 1000 watts.

They are available in a version with Vega/MIRO9 coating similar to the protective coating of car headlights. Its reflectivity is 97%.

Coverage area: 1.5 sq.m.

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