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Mapito 80L

Mapito 80L

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Although Mapito has been around for a long time, it seems only in recent years that growers have discovered the advantages of growing on this substrate. This is not surprising, because as a substrate Mapito has a solid construction, having an optimal ratio of water and oxygen. This combination provides the basis for very good harvests! Mapito consists of mineral wool flakes and polyurethane (PU) flakes. For this reason, Mapito contains very little nutrients, but water and liquid nutrients are retained in it.

Please note that not all note Mapito flakes are of the same quality. Some growers try to save money by buying Mapito flakes in bulk. Unfortunately, these growers often simply fail because the crop turns out to develop very poorly on this foundation. In such cases, Mapito is a waste product extracted from the furniture industry.

Foam, which is derived from petroleum products, is also produced for the furniture industry to serve as a sealing material, for example, for embankment. The bits left over from the manufacturing process are ground into flakes and some people then try to pass them off as Mapito. Don't be fooled by the low price, choose the value for your money, bet on the quality and choose Mapito from Atami. If the substrate is not suitable at the beginning, the whole growth process will develop with difficulty. It is well known that the quality of plants is 50% underground. Therefore, with a large root volume you get a suitable plant. When using Mapito the same rule applies.

Flush, EC and Ph value

Before using Mapito, we must first rinse it to reduce the amount of EC soil. Another important aspect of growing on Mapito is that the pH value of the substrate must be constantly monitored. For successful growing on Mapito it is best to maintain a pH value in the substrate between 5.3 and 5.8. Since regular tap water, for example, has a pH value of 7.5, this means that you need to lower the pH value of the tap water. By using pH-min and applying the correct dosage, you can try to get the ideal pH value. We recommend regular measurement and monitoring. You can often find a lot of information about the pH value of tap water in your area on the Internet.

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