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Mechanical Trimmer TRIMPRO

Mechanical Trimmer TRIMPRO

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Mechanical (manual) trimmer from TrimPRO with optimal weight and extremely quiet working mode. Solid and compact, it can be used in an apartment, greenhouse or where other trimmers are too noisy. This mechanical device works by gently feeding the color to the stainless steel blades through the thin leather fingers, by moving the leaves onto the grid they are cut and the speed is controlled by your hand. The mechanical (manual) trimmer is very effective as it is silent, cordless and no aspect has been left out in its creation. The leather fingers are treated with natural oils to reduce friction and maintain elasticity. The stainless steel blades are of the best possible quality and the blade height is adjustable as with all trimmers.

• Never put your fingers, gloves or other parts of your body in contact with the grid or blade.
• Never put pressure on the grid.
• Do not use scissors, knives or other tools over the grill.
• Safety glasses and gloves are required at all times.
The gloves must be tight so that they do not fall into the holes of the grid. A loose glove is a hazard.
Use according to regulations and existing laws. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage to or from the Trimpro Rotor XL as a result of improper use or installation.

Assembled machine: 34.2 cm diameter x 30.4 cm (40.6 cm with handle installed)
Packaging: 35.5 x 35.5 x 33.2 cm

Machine only: 3.4 kg
Machine and packaging: 4 kg

Frame: Aluminum
Grid: Steel

Trimpro Unplugged (STD): hole size 6 mm

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