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Fertilizer from California worm 20L

Fertilizer from California worm 20L

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One of the main enrichers for cultivation is the dung worm. It ensures the good and fast growth of the plant and greatly increases the yield (very important during the growth period). Since the earthworm is a very good fertilizer, it is not practically possible as a farmer to add enough of it to the soil mixture, considering the fact that plants love it so much. In addition to potassium, earthworms contain many valuable nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which contribute to exceptional growth (nitrogen) and flower production (phosphorus). Did you know that good earthworm compost is such a prolific fertilizer that your plants can, quite literally, grow on it? The reason for this is that earthworms contain equal proportions of the main nutrients. One advantage is that the substrate you are growing on won't quickly become oversaturated with nutrients! Dung worms also contribute to optimal soil because they contain live molds and bacteria. In this way, it leads to a significant jump in the development of the plant. Thus, the dung worms keep the substrate saturated with air, ensuring the passage of sufficient oxygen. Fertilizer worms are very economical to use, which in turn is good for your wallet!

Available in: 20 liter bags.

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