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BlueLab Conductivity Pen

BlueLab Conductivity Pen

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An extremely convenient solution for measuring electrical conductivity (EC or ppm) and temperature

The Bluelab Conductivity Pen shows if the plant has the right amount of nutrients in the solution and if it needs changes. To feed your plant well, you need to know what you are feeding it. Start with quality supplements. A daily conductivity check is the perfect solution to avoid substance deficiency in the solution or over-concentration. Change the entire tank of nutrient solution every 7 days. Top up with the correct doses of plant food between shifts so your plants will always have the right amount of nutrients. The Bluelab Conductivity Pen also measures the temperature of the solution, as the health of the root system is vital to plant development. Temperature affects plant growth ability and structure, so the recommended solution temperature should be between 18 - 22˚C or 65 - 72˚F. To make sure the plants can absorb the nutrients, you should also measure the pH levels of the solution. There is a topic on the Garden Shop blog describing all aspects of pH.

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