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Canna Terra Flores

Canna Terra Flores

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Canna Terra Flores is a complete professional nutritional supplement with nutrients suitable for the flowering phase. It has been specially developed by the Canna laboratories for growing in soil and soil mixes. Stimulates fruit formation and allows plants to create their characteristic taste and smell. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
The benefits of Canna Terra Flores:
Very easy to use. Dissolves directly in water.
Prevents binding of nutrient ions. The availability and composition of nutrients in this product play a key role in the flowering phase.
Rich in chelating agents that are in such a form that allows them to be absorbed directly by the plant.
An excellent product for stimulating fruit formation because it contains all the nutrients a plant needs during its growth period.
Instructions for use:
Shake the bottle well before use.
Dissolve 50 ml. concentrate in 10L. water (1:200)
The electrical conductivity of this product in tap water varies between 0.9 and 1.6 ms/cm2
Recommended pH level: 5.8-6.2
Storage and safety:
Overfertilization has a negative effect on the plant and nature in general.
Store in an upright position in a dark and cool place.
UV rays break down iron chelates in the nutrient.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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