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Canna Terra Vega

Canna Terra Vega

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Canna Terra Vega is a complete nutrient solution with nutrients specifically for the plant growth period. It is designed to be grown in soil or soil mixes and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.
The advantages of Canna Terra Vega:
It provides strong plants with a long life and a well-developed root system. This is very important for health, resistance, stronger development and high yield at the end of the cycle. It can be directly absorbed by the plant. It also ensures complete water absorption and complete nutrition from the beginning to the very end of cultivation. Canna Terra Vega is rich in nitrogen compounds that are absorbed directly. Contains a high value of iron, chelates and trace elements. This product is compatible with substrates of various types. Soil mixes, as well as pre-fertilized soils. Also with soils that have not been fertilized beforehand.
Instructions for use:
Shake very well before use.
Dissolve 50 ml. concentrate in 10L. water (1:200)
The electrical conductivity of the solution in water varies between 0.9-1.6 mS/cm2
Recommended pH level: 5.8 - 6.2
Storage and safety:
Specially created for the vegetative process in plants.
Overfertilization leads to negative consequences in the soil and nature in general.
Store tightly closed in a dark and cool place.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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