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Growth Technology

Clonex MIST

Clonex MIST

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Clonex® Mist is a new product developed specifically to make cloning even more successful.
Clonex® Mist is easy to use, offering:

- Consistent results every time
- Fast root generation
- Strong and healthy plants

Clonex® Mist has been independently tested in New Zealand by Drs. Lynette Morgan of Suntec Laboratory on ficus and dianthus. Root development showed an increase 10 days faster, with 30% longer roots and up to 156% more roots, compared to using only water applied to the roots.


CLONEX® Mist is easy to use and generates healthier and stronger clones significantly faster. For best results, use CLONEX® Rooting Gel and Root Riot Germination Cubes. Put all the clones in a greenhouse with adjustable ventilation.

Instructions for use:

Choose a healthy plant with strong stems. If possible, spray the stems with CLONEX® Mist once or twice a week before cutting.
Use a clean, sharp blade, such as a scalpel, and make a diagonal cut in the stem just below the leaf node. Use sharp shears to remove the larger leaves, leaving two or three on the cut stem.
If you have Clonex® Rooting Gel, dip the base of the stem in it.
Immediately after, place the stem in the germination cube.
Spray the new stems with Clonex® Mist and place them in a greenhouse. The lid must be closed and the vents too.
After two or three days, spray again with Clonex® Mist and open the greenhouse vents slightly.

Repeat spraying every two, three days or when it looks dry. Open the vents gradually each day. Light condensation in the greenhouse indicates adequate humidity.

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