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ETI Ballast 400W

ETI Ballast 400W

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Main characteristics:
Compact devices designed for use with luminaires sealed in waterproof housings.
It contains all the necessary components (ballast (choke), starter (lighter) and capacitor).

The advantages of this model of devices compared to traditional unassembled devices:
- The use of this ballast model saves the time-consuming assembly of its constituent components.
- Saving space is also important when working with this type of ballasts, because the volume of space they use is minimal.

Additional built-in protection:
Temperature protection: some lamps can develop intensity gain towards the end of their life when they are exhausted. This results in a huge increase in ballast temperature. This phenomenon is practically non-existent with sodium-ion (HPS) lamps, but is more common with metal-halide (MH) lamps. The units we offer include a built-in automatic circuit breaker to protect against overheating. When the temperature in the unit exceeds safe values, the circuit breaker disconnects the ballast from the power supply to minimize the danger of damaging the lamps. For indoor use, we strongly recommend devices with temperature protection.

Compatible with:
sodium ion (HPS) lamps - 400 watts/ 4.6 amps
metal halide (MH) lamps - 400 watts/ 4.2 amps

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