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Formulex is a versatile product with thousands of uses for growers. Professionals rely on it for nurturing small plants, grafting them or for clones. Formulex can be used as a spray for foliar feeding or to re-fertilize mineral wool. This product has a buffered pH, so there is no need to measure and monitor acidity levels in the solution. Very easy to use. It is suitable for growing in soil or a hydroponic system and for indoor plants. It contains all the necessary macro and micro elements needed by a plant for optimal growth.

- Formulex is the first formulation that contains all the necessary nutrients in one package.
- Formulex is stable. It can be used in different conditions.
- Formulex is concentrated in such a consistency that it will be enough to make up to 100 times its own amount.
- Formulex is a universal product. Can be used in hydroponic systems or soil. Extremely suitable for foliar feeding.
- Formulex is designed to maintain a pH level of - 6 when mixed with tap water.
- Formulex is manufactured to strict standards from quality materials.

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