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HOMEbox Ambient Q240+

HOMEbox Ambient Q240+

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Step into the big leagues with this awesome grow tent. A whopping 5.7 square meters of growing space, perfect for up to four 1000 watt HID air cooled lights or 9 nine 400 watt. Naturally, HOMEbox® Ambient Q240 + is complete with our exclusive PAR + optimized smart material, helping to create the best indoor growing environment. The Q240+ gives the professional grower all the tools they need to create and maintain the most productive and rewarding indoor garden.

Assembled size: 240 x 240 x 220 cm
Cultivation area: 5.76 m2

+ 8x 100 mm (4”)
+ 4x 250 mm (10”)
+ 2x 300 mm (12”)
+ 4x 350 mm (14”)

700 micron MicroMesh bug screen
Metal construction 22 mm
Maximum capacity: 200 kg
Recommended brightness: 4x 600
The basis for successful cultivation
Developed and designed in Germany
Sturdy, easy care materials
Removable, waterproof crown
PAR + Super Reference Lining
All-black zippers

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