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HOMEbox Classic White 1.8

HOMEbox Classic White 1.8

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HOMEbox Classic White 1.8 is a universal home greenhouse

The HOMEbox® series for indoor growing plants offers everything you need for a successful, year-round cultivation of crops, herbs, fruits and vegetables. If you don't have your own garden, yard or good conditions, you can create one with this tent from HOMEbox®. Special plants with specific climatic requirements such as orchids, carnivorous plants, exotic plants and cacti can be grown. The tent provides the ability to control the environment with great precision.

The dimensions are - 100 x 100 x 180
The working area is - 1.0 (m2)
Recommended lighting - 400W HPS or CFL
Maximum load - 50 kg.
Recommended ventilation - 345 m3
Number of doors - 1

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