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HOMEbox White PAR+ XL

HOMEbox White PAR+ XL

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HOMEbox White PAR= XL is a universal home greenhouse

HOMEbox White PAR+ XL has a working area of ​​1.44 m². Its design includes a light-tight outer shell that sits on a lightweight aluminum structure and a highly reflective PAR+ interior lining. Growers know that when it comes to generating a rich yield, it all comes down to proper plant photosynthesis - less heat and more PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). PAR is a specific frequency band of energy that plants use. It has an important role from the beginning of the plant development until the harvest or the color of the plant. The more PARs the plant gets, the bigger the crop. HomeBox are developing a PAR+ reflective lining for their growing range of indoor grow tents. HomeBox PAR+ is developed from the highest quality materials, food safe materials - non-toxic, safe for plants and their producers and very easy to clean.

Technical data:
- Size (cm): 120cm x 120cm x 200cm
- Working area (m2): 2.9 m²
- Recommended lighting (HPS): 600 watts
- Maximum load weight (kg): 50 kg.
- Passive air inlets: 3
- Front/rear doors: 1
- Ceiling inlets and outlets (number x mm diameter): 1 x 200 mm (6")
- Wall inlets and outlets (number x mm diameter): 1 x 160 mm (5")
- Recommended ventilation (CMH - cubic meters per hour): 280
- Cable entries and exits (number x mm diameter): 1 x 100 mm (4")
- Inner lining: PAR+


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