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Hotbox International Propane CO2 Generator

Hotbox International Propane CO2 Generator

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Hotbox International carbon dioxide generators enrich the atmosphere and promote plant growth.

The CO2 generator runs on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and offers a cheap, effective and very easy way to enrich the atmosphere in the grow room with carbon dioxide. The generator is connected to a gas bottle. Carbon dioxide is released as the gas burns slowly in the generator. The generators are ready for use. Just connect and play the device. Designed to work with Shiva CO2000 controllers, for fully automated sensor and exhaust control.

- Increases carbon dioxide levels in the grow room.
- Very economical - runs on liquefied petroleum gas (PLG).
- Portable, light weight and high quality construction.
- Easy to use. Just connect the gas bottle.
- Compatible with Shiva CO2000 CO2 sensor and controller for professional application.

- Power 4 kW

-Productivity 0.9 kg C02 per hour

- Dimensions: 32 × 20 × 35

-1000 ppm per m2: for a greenhouse of 90 m2

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