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Hydro Rokz 45L (Keramsite)

Hydro Rokz 45L (Keramsite)

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Hydro-grained expanded clay Hydro Rokz 45L are made from pure and unsalted baked clay. They contain a very low concentration of elements. The quality of hydropeas is largely determined by their Ph. In addition, sodium and manganese concentrations are also important. B'cuzz hydrobeans are high quality and RHP approved. They are used for various agricultural methods, sometimes they are placed at the bottom of the pot when growing on another substrate (eg soil) as additional drainage to make the drainage and oxygen supply from below more effective. Sometimes hydropeas are mixed into the substrate, for better air saturation of the growing medium. Thus, the root system can branch better.

A third widely used method is to grow plants directly on hydroponic. This is often done in combination with an oxygen pump. In this way, the roots at the bottom of the pot are always immersed in water with liquid nutrients mixed into it, and the oxygen pump provides enough oxygen for the roots. This method of cultivation is very successful. Hydrograin and nutrient solution in running water form the golden tandem when it comes to abundant supply of oxygen. Plants take in oxygen from above (because hydropeas allow a large amount of air to pass through) and from below. Running water contains many times more oxygen than ordinary stagnant water. In fact, stagnant water should not be used at all because it easily becomes acidic and/or can cause various diseases.

As plant growers, we can notice that plants appreciate an abundance of oxygen. They grow quickly and develop a heavily branched root system that should give them enough support to create a healthy stem and branches during the cycle. This will allow the plants to develop beautiful fruit buds during the flowering cycle. The large weight of the hydropea ensures that the plants have better support, allowing them to support the corresponding weight of the fruit buds.

An added benefit of growing on hydrocereal over regular potting soil is that you can easily use a water meter to show you when you need to add (nutrient) water. This way you will rarely put in too much or indeed too little water. As a result of the use of hydrangea, the possibility of mold, mildew and other plant diseases becomes minimal. Another advantage is that several plants can be placed together in one pot. In ordinary soils, plants of different sizes would have different water needs. When growing on hydropeas, each plant takes in just as much water and food as it needs. In short, hydropeas are OK to grow!

You can read more about kermasite and its benefits in our blog article on the subject.

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