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LCD controller with electronic switching - 2 external fans

LCD controller with electronic switching - 2 external fans

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LCD controller with electronic switching for 2 fans

This controller with electronic switching and LCD screen, keyboard and LED lighting, allows very easy setting and reading of all the information given by the fan such as set speed, temperature, humidity day and night, negative pressure of the inlet fan and revolutions per minute of the exhaust fan. The light sensor in the probe recognizes day and night mode. The controller has a 1 meter power cable, a 4 meter cable to the sensor and a 2 x 4 meter fan cable including all terminals. Ready to use. You can program 15 individual settings with just three buttons. Features: - Temperature - day - Temperature - hysteresis - day - Humidity - day - Humidity - hysteresis - day - Minimum speed - day - Maximum speed - day - Temperature - night - Temperature - hysteresis - night - Humidity - night - Humidity - hysteresis - night - Minimum speed - night - Maximum speed - night - Negative pressure setting - Switch sensor -Day/night switch LCD display: - Graphical and digital display of speed in rpm units - Temperature display - Humidity display Dimensions and technical data: Box: 61mm x 98mm x 20mm Weight: 2.5kg Voltage: 12VDC Power supply: 35mA Protection class: IP 20 The set contains: 1x Fan controller with electronic commutation 1x Power cable 1x Temperature, humidity and light sensor 2x 4m fan cable 1x Instructions Option to connect fans with RJ45
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