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Ona Fresh Linen Liquid 1L

Ona Fresh Linen Liquid 1L

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ONA - Use anywhere there is an odor. Ona neutralizes odors effectively in hydroponic systems, greenhouses and has applications in many other commercial sectors around the world. Ona was originally developed for use in the industrial sector to neutralize heavy odors in sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and chemical plants. Ona uses three processes: absorption, adsorption and chemical reaction ("Pairs" Theory), thereby virtually eliminating all organic and inorganic odors. Use in hydroponic systems - for complete peace of mind. Ona has built a reputation as an effective odor neutralizer in hydroponic systems and the agricultural industry. Indoor cultivation can be accompanied by strong and intolerable odors that cause problems for gardeners. To eliminate all these odors it is necessary to use a product that completely eliminates all odors. Ona's formula is designed to combat any type of odor, regardless of type and source. Due to its broad-spectrum formula, Ona will neutralize all organic and non-organic odors, leaving behind a clean and fresh scent.

Numerous application of Ona in the commercial sector Ona is a strong neutralizer capable of offering optimal conditions and meeting the needs of the commercial sector. Regardless of the source Ona will do the job perfectly. Appropriate for: Hotel/Motel Sports locker rooms Waste areas Confined spaces Greenhouses and indoor spaces for growing plants Compost collection facilities Heating, ventilation shafts and ducts Offices and working premises Musty smell Smells of smoke Food odors Food warehouses Old cellars Dryers for meat and fruit and many others... ONA - Mechanism of Action. There are three mechanisms of action that can be triggered based on the chemical and physical nature of each terpene, active ingredient, and organic or inorganic volatile compounds. Adsorption — All VOC molecules and odorous compounds dissolve in Ona's active ingredients. This solubility will allow the VOC molecules to occlude in the presence of ONA depending on the chemical state of the emission, temperature, acidity and ambient pressure. Adsorb: To collect and hold (a gas or vapor) at the surface of a solid. Absorption — Ona's active molecules will attract or come into contact with volatile or low molecular weight compounds (VOC molecules). These VOC molecules will enter and bind to the active ingredients of Ona. The result is odor elimination. Absorb: Holds everything without leaking or reflecting from absorbed substances. Chemical Reaction (The Pairs Theory) — This involves the permanent association of the aromatic molecule (VOC) with the active ingredients of Ona, which leads to the chemical reaction. This mechanism transforms the pollutant into its basic properties and as a result the smell disappears. The affinity of different odorous compounds for Ona is directly related to their chemical composition and physical state. For example, hydrogen sulphite may have an affinity for certain active ingredients of Ona. Ona can bind electrostatically or react to humidity with its relative solubility. This means that the different ingredients will neutralize all odors with one mechanism. Ona is not a masking agent, but offers safe, effective and permanent elimination of unwanted odors and emissions.

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