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Ona Mist Dispenser

Ona Mist Dispenser

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Eliminate odors automatically with the Ona Mist Dispenser - portable, controllable and affordable.
The Ona Mist Dispenser comes at a really affordable price. With control settings for night, day or 24 hour mode. There are also three programmable spray intervals for a fully automated way to eliminate odors.

Small and portable, the ONA Mist Dispenser is an excellent device for controlling odors in small areas such as kitchens, toilets, caravans, garages, etc.

Each ONA Mist Dispenser automatic spray will release a fine mist of odor neutralizing agent into the air to eliminate existing odors. Leaving your room smelling clean and fresh. ONA uses a natural formula and is safe to use around people, pets and food.

For use with ONA Mist only.
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