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Кокосови Тухли Plagron Cocos Brix

Кокосови Тухли Plagron Cocos Brix

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Coconut bricks are a suitable base for producers who prefer to use pure and natural
product. They have a stable pH level, unlike other hydroponic substrates. Coconut bricks
they have a high water holding capacity, so you can water with less water. Plagron Cocos Brix carries
RHP mark of quality.

• Balanced level of nutritional elements.
• Contains trichoderma to protect against harmful molds.

Usage and dosage
Submerge 1 coconut brick in a bucket containing 6 liters of water and squeeze the brick. In 20-30 minutes we will have 9 liters of ready-to-use coconut
substrate. Add nutrients each time you water and monitor the pH level - 5.5.

6 pieces.

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