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Plagron Growmix

Plagron Growmix

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Growing without problems in pre-fertilized soil

Plagron Growmix is ​​a mixture of the best, carefully selected types of peat. It contains various
fiber types and perlite, resulting in a lightness and oxygen level that can only be expected from Plagron. Having lots of vermicompost ensures strong plant growth and increases water retention. The nutrients that have been added to Growmix consist of a carefully selected combination of fertilizers that meet all the needs of the gardener during the first three weeks. Growmix is ​​a good base for optimal growth and flowering.

• Best quality peat, lightness and structure.
• Pre-fertilized for 3 weeks with added nutrients.
• The gardener decides for himself when to fertilize during the flowering period.

Use and dosage:
Do not fertilize during the first three weeks.

25 and 50 liters.

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